Our Story

Cummins Construction’s story begins with its founder, H.E. Cummins who was born in 1894.  By vocation, H. E. was a machinist for the Frisco Railroad. He got his start in construction while apprenticing to a home builder as a second job just prior to the great depression.  His construction skills carried the family through that period.  H.E. and Helen Cummins had three boys who grew up to become the core of a building construction company.  The family business was interrupted by WWII but each of his boys returned safely from their tours of duty in the South Pacific and joined their father in the post war construction boom.

The Cummins Construction Company was one of several construction oriented businesses that were launched by H.E. Cummins and his three sons in the 1950’s and 60’s.  The family enterprises included automobile and equipment dealerships, steel fabrication plants and a liquid barge terminal.  The original company, known as H.E. Cummins and Sons, was a versatile general contracting company that built commercial buildings, moved dirt, built dams as well as a number of large bridges. For three decades these businesses combined their resources to make major contributions to the McClellan Kerr Navigation System and the infrastructure of Oklahoma.

Launched in 1955, the Cummins Construction Company began with a single asphalt plant in Enid, Oklahoma, they have grown steadily through the years and now serve all of Oklahoma and adjacent states with a number of stationary and portable plants.  Their customers include the Oklahoma Department of Transportation, The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, private developers and many counties and municipalities.

Bob, the youngest of the three brothers, was the original president of the company and was its leader until his death in 2002.  Beyond his passion for building highways,  Bob’s great ambition was to see his company continue to grow and prosper after he was gone and to give secure futures to his employees.  He accomplished these objectives before he passed away by transforming his company into an Employee Owned organization.  His move solidified a strong management team and a highly qualified and motivated work force.  With more than a half century of experience, the Cummins Construction Company is positioned for continued growth and prosperity into the new millennium.

The Cummins Construction Co, Inc.
1420 W. Chestnut
Enid, OK 73703