The Cummins Construction Company, Inc.
Robert L. Cummins Award                

The idea of creating both the RLC Equipment and the RLC Plant Award was inspired by Bob Cummins' love of machinery.  When H.E. Cummins was considering who to put in charge of the family's new start-up asphalt business in 1955, he selected Bob, the youngest and most mechanically inclined of his three sons.  Even after Bob had turned the operation over to others, he could often be found around the asphalt plants or the paving equipment, casting an expert eye on how the machinery was being maintained.

It is our hope that these two awards will inspire managers and crews to appreciate equipment in the same way Mr. Cummins did.
We hope the friendly competition for these awards will help achieve our three equipment management goals:

1.  To maintain our machinery with safety in mind.
2.  To maintain our machinery so that it performs at peak efficiency.
3.  To maintain our machinery so that it brings top resale value.

These are the ABC'S of equipment management that are considered when selecting award recipients:

* Appearance - Is the equipment  cleaned regularly?  Is the operator's area free of trash? 
* Breakdowns - How frequent are breakdowns?
* Condition - What is the overall mechanical condition of the machine?
* Stewardship - Do people treat the equipment as if they owned it?  Are P.M.'s on track?

The intent of these awards is to honor the memory of Bob Cummins as well as the people who help Cummins Construction Company achieve its equipment management goals.

To the credit of our many crews, these awards have become increasingly difficult to judge because of the excellent job all the crews are doing.

2003 RLC Plant Award
Durant Plant

2004 RLC Plant Award
Hugo Plant

2005 RLC Plant Award
Hugo Plant

2006 RLC Plant Award
Durant Plant

2007 RLC Plant Award
Hugo Plant

2008 RLC Plant Award
Enid Plant

2003 RLC Equipment Award
Hugo Area

2004 RLC Equipment Award
Enid Area

2005 RLC Equipment Award
Hugo, Area

2006 RLC Equipment Award
Ada, Area

2007 RLC Equipment Award
Ada Area

2008 RLC Equipment Award
Enid Area