The Cummins Construction Company, Inc.
Stringtown Area News  
   July 1, 2008    


Work is continuing on I-35 at Davis. Enid’s crew finished with the milling a week ago and the first lift of S-4 has been laid throughout the project.


Vance Brothers started laying the fabric reinforcement last week. They are using a fabric new to us, TruPave® Engineered Paving Mat. While we have covered about a third of the project, it has presented some challenges to overlay. Due to the amount of AC needed to install it, it becomes easy to tear and comes up in the afternoons when the temperatures are in the 90’s. We are hoping to help the situation by getting started earlier and stopping earlier and keeping equipment and trucks off it as much as possible.


Bean Construction is making progress at Mead. OG&E has finally gotten their lines moved this week. It has been a little frustrating trying to work around their power lines and relocation efforts. It seems like everywhere Bean has moved to try to get out of their way, OG&E follows them.

Morton Construction is continuing work on the concrete boxes. They are about 75% finished and well ahead of schedule.

For now the only work done on the project by Cummins is the erosion control. With the new erosion control standards, this has become a full time job in order to keep up.



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