cummins construction

Stringtown Area News

April 16, 2008

At the Calera, HWY 69/75 and Choctaw Road Intersection project, work is finishing up. Morton Construction finished with the mailine concrete last week and have only the ditch liners and CET's left to finish this week. Ada's paving crew had to leave before they could finish paving but Stringtown's crew was available due to some problems Muskogee Bridge was having with the HWY 7 job. They finished all the asphalt paving today. Striping and signing is scheduled next week and grassing for the week after.

Stringtown's paving crew will be returning to the bridge headers on Muskogee Bridge's job at Clear Boggy on HWY 7.


Ken Bean Construction continues clearing and grubbing operations on our Bryan County job at Mead.. They have cleared all the north side and are cleaning up the brush now.

Morton Construction is working on gettiing all the structures built and has been progressing very well.

Cummins' crews are working on the erosion control and have installed over 3000' of barrier wall.


Our metal building at the Stringtown plant has been completed and has already been filled with fabric.

Work began on our Pittsburg Co. job on the 15th. Traffic was confined to one lane south bound and we began stripping topsoil. Hub Construction is scheduled to start structures and the edgeline sawing will begin next week.